About Us

Nielsen IP is a boutique law firm located in Houston, Texas that specializes exclusively in intellectual property law. After years as a partner in Big Law, in the fall of 2009, founder Carol Nielsen opened the firm to create an amazing job and work environment for herself and others. We serve clients located throughout the nation including public and private companies of various sizes and stages of growth. We work with universities to advance and commercialize early-stage technologies, particularly in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries.

Our practice focus is patents and trademarks. We have a deep understanding of the law and decades of experience in portfolio management and serving clients through our opinion work and in due diligence investigations.

We believe that the depth of our legal experience is key in obtaining strong patent rights and can make a huge difference should the rights or scope of rights be challenged in the future. Because of our integrity, adaptability and resourcefulness, clients have entrusted us to manage significant worldwide patent and trademark portfolios. We communicate effectively and are persistent to accomplish goals and meet deadlines. Our independence is added value for clients as it fosters creativity, teamwork, efficiency, and reliability.

In due diligence, our established approach and defined processes ensure a complete investigation and thorough results. We can quickly spot issues, navigate through complex technologies and provide exceptional opinion work. We assess risk from different viewpoints and organize, simplify and prioritize issues uncovered in the process. Results are presented in a straightforward manner to easily interpret and maintain confidence in how to proceed. With our legal assessment, the client can make an informed business decision knowing the benefits and risks at any stage of litigation.

For technology licenses, joint development endeavors and special projects, our firm frequently works in cooperation with corporate and business lawyers on transactional matters. We often act as advisors and can contribute in various aspects as an additional legal resource.

We are very knowledgeable of the various proceedings available before the US Patent Office under the America Invents Act and can serve to challenge or defend the patentability of issued patents. We have appeared before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in opposition and cancellation proceedings as well as before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Memberships & Sponsorships

  • American Intellectual Property Law Association
  • American Chemical Society
  • BioHouston
  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Houston Intellectual Property Law Association
  • Intellectual Property Owners Association
  • University of Houston Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law
  • University of Illinois Alumni Association

Carol Merritello Nielsen

Attorney at Law

Having practiced intellectual property law exclusively for over twenty-five years, Carol renders insight and sound judgment based on a wide-range of legal experience. Carol works with a variety of industries and has special expertise in the pharmaceutical and chemical arts. She represents clients in all areas of intellectual property including litigation, licensing, prosecution and portfolio management of intellectual property rights.

Strategic procurement and enforcement of intellectual property rights can be complicated, yet extremely valuable to a successful business. Carol’s breadth of knowledge and experience in intellectual property law makes her a unique resource in a highly specialized field.