Brand & Identity

Establishing and protecting a strong brand identity is essential to global economic growth and more important than ever. Nielsen IP has extensive experience in preserving the integrity and strength of client brands. We understand your brand must match your overall corporate mission and goals.

We work with you to prevent third parties from unfairly competing by using similar brands and confusing consumers as to the source of your goods and services. In the event of third-party conflict, our goal is to quickly and effectively come to favorable solutions, ensuring your company’s brand remains intact and business may continue as usual.

Before launching a new brand, extensive trademark searching and analysis can be complex, but is often a necessary step. Through the use of our advanced technology resources, we provide well-reasoned legal opinions where risk is determined based on facts and data. If a potential risk of infringement is high, we can look for and analyze predictive behaviors of third parties to determine the likelihood of prevailing in any jurisdiction that is important to you.

In the United States, brands and identity are protectable under the common law and through acquiring a state or federal registration.  In other jurisdictions, a registration is required.  When impediments are uncovered, each opposition and cancelation proceeding is approached on a case-by-case basis and assessments are made in-line with your business strategy.