Counseling & Opinions

We provide guidance, counseling and opinions for new product clearance including your freedom to operate and validity of third-party rights. In our analysis, we strive to diminish uncertainty so that you can make effective decisions which lead to positive results. Our aim is to enable you to make your own choices, reach your own decisions and act upon them based on the current state of law, facts, and data, not just because we say so.

Knowing the law, we look at problems from your perspective, not in a vacuum. We listen, pay attention and are interested in knowing your view of the problem and your ideas for possible solutions. In our assessments, we gather information to understand your business and better communicate with you. We seek clarity rather than make our recommendations under one or more assumptions.

We strive to make you comfortable with what we uncover because as your outside counsel it is important that you know and trust us. In order to ensure a successful launch, we collaborate with members of the company’s management team and landscape, assess and confirm freedom to operate. In the event of a dispute, you need creative legal solutions designed to strengthen your position. We will make certain that you are ready to prevail when there is nowhere to go but the courtroom.

Nielsen IP attorneys have counseled and supported clients for decades. The insights and strategies gained from this history are imparted to clients as each intellectual property asset is evaluated and strategy developed. Consistent with our vision for securing enforceable global intellectual property protection for our clients, we work closely with our clients’ representatives to understand the product or process to be launched, the relevant prior art, and the relationship of the product to our clients’ portfolio and its overall IP strategy. As potential challenges present themselves, we develop positions to be implemented across jurisdictions while maximizing potential licensing opportunities.