Who We Serve

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Diagnostic Medical Products

Bringing new medicines to life requires imagination, innovation, and relentless perseverance in the face of both the anticipated and the unforeseen.  Our clients have scientists who are inspired and motivated every day in the lab to deliver the next wave of breakthrough treatments.

Our priority is to safeguard your rights in ground breaking technologies which advance research and innovation so that patient outcomes improve and the shape of health care can be changed throughout the world.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is central to our world economy, contributing to nearly every sector of the economy of every country, touching all areas of our lives. The chemical industry converts raw materials into tens of thousands of products including food, clothing, cosmetics, soaps, paints, electronics, automotive, building & construction, wiring, furniture and packaging products – just to name a few.  Innovation for this industry crosses a wide range of products and manufacturing processes which has a ripple effect on the scientific research of other industries including life sciences and agricultural industries.

Our focus is to transform your technological advances into successful products and markets.

Oil & Gas

Our clients in the oil and gas industry are currently part of a very fast changing energy sector.  Digital technologies, the need for green energy and the demand for more consumer-centric services are enabling innovating solutions to emerge in advanced biofuels, carbon capture and storage, fuel cell technologies and advanced processing and products to meet growing energy demands without impacting the environment.

Our purpose remains steadfast: to fuel your success.

Medical Devices

The medical device industry contributes to human welfare through biomedical engineering in the research and design of products and methodologies which can alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.  Medical device companies are vital to medical innovation to treat cardiovascular, diabetes, vision and orthopedic disorders, and provide the technology for doctors to perform minimally invasive surgeries to diagnose, treat and/or prevent various medical conditions.

We move with speed and clarity in our efforts to help you make an impact with your technological solutions which can break down barriers and hasten further innovation.

Analytical Instruments

From the everyday consumer to scientists in the laboratory, accurate information to make critical decisions is key. Our clients’ specialty instrumentation focuses on chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis innovations which improve human health and well-being through the application of high-value analytical technologies, leading scientific expertise that changes the world.

We provide the precision that is required for you to continue to invest in your innovations.

Consumer Products

When the end user is the consumer, recognizing the product from a single source is very important.  Consumers must be protected from purchasing knockoffs and suffering misrepresentations. Sellers and buyers alike want to know that the goodwill associated with the purchased product has not been replaced or confused by another.

Our resolve is to uphold the integrity and strength of your brand and prevent and stop unauthorized usages so that you and your goodwill are not confused or your reputation harmed.