Portfolio Management

Utility Patents

Management of your patent rights involves a clear strategy to protect and defend your new technologies and improvements in existing technologies. Our aim is to ensure that your portfolio measures up with your strategic goals – whether for protection of your investments, defensive purposes, increased licensing revenues, or building value to an exit plan. Obtaining patent rights on various aspects of products already covered by one or more patents can make it difficult for others to replicate your product. We can help you build your portfolio around your key products to ensure the value of your technology is maximized.

Design Patents

Global design rights can play an important part of a patent portfolio. While design patents provide exclusivity in the ornamental design of a functional item and not its utilitarian features, such patents have an important role in an intellectual property portfolio. Whether your business is consumer products, industrial equipment, or medical devices, your designs make your products distinctive, separate you from others and provide a competitive advantage. We understand this significance and pursue patent rights that prevent others from selling imitations and knock-offs of your products.


Nielsen IP works with you to uphold your brand, reputation and consumer trust in your good will. Our goal is to effectively manage your portfolio so that you may maximize revenues and decrease risk of infringement claims and other challenges.

When decisions must be made concerning management of your portfolio, we uncover any gaps in trademark registration coverage that may warrant the filing of new applications. We are able to monitor the use of your trademarks to avoid incorrect or inconsistent use that is harmful to your brand. We work with you to prevent third parties from unfairly competing by using similar brands and confusing consumers as to the source of your goods and services.

Supported by a very dedicated staff, we have extensive international trademark filing experience that is proven cost-effective and efficient. Our attorneys, paralegals and other personnel are familiar with the filing process in various jurisdictions throughout the world. When protection is required outside the US, our large network of trusted foreign law firms can further offer clients a deep understanding of local laws.