Technical Advisors & Legal Assistants

Quentin Avila, Ph.D. Chemistry

Technical Advisor

Quentin supports the firm through his expert knowledge and guidance in the field of chemistry and assists in preparing patent applications and various IP investigations.

Quentin has special expertise in small molecule design using in silico methods including molecular modeling, docking studies and molecular optimization and organic synthesis such as multistep synthesis, library generation and structural characterization. He has worked on a variety of drug discovery projects focused on addressing antibacterial resistance in Gram-negative bacteria and developing SARS-CoV-2 antivirals.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Organic Chemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • Master of Science, Organic Chemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • Master of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, SIGMA, Clermont-Ferrand France

Honors and Awards

  • COVID-19-Related Rapid Response Research Seed Grant 2020
  • Program Fellow, Oklahoma Catalyst Researchers 2018

Publications and Presentations

  • A Multi-Approach Strategy to Improve the Spectrum of ClpP Activators, ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting, Orlando Florida
  • Avila, Q.P. et al., Recent Advances Towards Rational Antibaterial Discovery Addressing Permeation and Efflux, Vol. 52, Medicinal Chemistry Reviews 2017
  • Hu, Z.; Avila, Q.P. et al., Structure-Uptake Relationship Studies of Oxazolidinones in Gram-negative ESKAPE Pathogens, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2022 (Submitted)

John Nielsen, BSME

Patent Agent-In-Training & Trademark Administrator

John serves firm clients as a legal assistant having extensive experience in patent and trademark filings in the US Patent and Trademark Office. He also assists with foreign patent and trademark prosecution and related communications. John is familiar with third-party search engines and services and other database systems which support the firm’s intellectual property practice.


  • Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston

Sophia Kostiuk, BA

Legal Assistant

Sophia is currently a legal assistant with the firm and responsible for document management, docketing, reference management, deadline reminders, and preparation of US patent office documentation. She also assists with the day-to-day firm operations.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Loyola University Chicago
  • Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Policy, Loyola University Chicago